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Brian Ward Landscaping Inc. has teamed up with TruGreen
--What this means for you and your lawn

We're not new to the lawn care industry by any means. We've been working for nearly a decade to keep your property looking it's best. During this time Florida has made a lot of big changes in the industry. These changes brought on by the Department of Agriculture has greatly reduced our ability to keep undesired weeds, insects, and disease away from your properties. The nature of mowing means distribution of unwanted and undesirable seeds from property to property. Despite the belief that bagging will make a difference, on the ground we see the truth everyday, seeds get stuck to mower decks, string trimmers, and even to us as we work. We try hard not to bring these things with us. It is just simply unavoidable. Years ago we could control this with chemicals and diligence. Today, the laws in place do not allow us to have that much needed level of control.

We set out this year to get opinions from our customers, other companies, and to test the waters on our own. We've found that TruGreen has the licensure, equipment, reputation, and willingness to help us reach our full potential as a lawn and landscape maintenance company. We sat down at the bargaining table and have come up with a plan to bring you those missing services, at a reduced costs to you, and with our supervision. This is amazing news for you and your property!

Throughout the year we'll be letting you know what is needed and offering you the services before things get out of control. You can start and stop services as you desire without an endless commitment. We are going to work for visible driven results that you can see.

New Services

We're exited to offer new services for the 2014 calendar year.
1. Free soil analysis for customers
2. Lawn treatment includes fertilizer, pre and post emergent weed control, insect and disease control
3. Tree and Shrub fertilizer, insect and disease control
4. Palm and tree fertilization 25 ft and under
5. Ornamental bed weed control
6. Nut grass control in shrubs
7. Vegetation control in beds, sidewalks, and parking areas
8. Fungicide treatments
9. Flea and tick monthly program only
10. Chinch bug treatment
11. Mole cricket treatment
12. Fire ant treatment with 1 year guarantee
13. Army worm control
14. Potassium
15. Lime
16. Aerations / with lime or potassium
17. Sod and Plugs includes removal of old sod, installation of new sod

Review and renewal

We're going to offer our customers more options for review and renewal of services.

Until now we've only offered month to month services for our customers. We'll be offering discounted pricing for loyal customers who want to renew for six months or a full year of service. These savings can help you better budget and plan your next project.

Large scale projects may be financed through one of our preferred landscape supply contractors. Subject to credit approval, availability, terms, and conditions of credit authorization company.

This mean you can spread out that cost and make your dollar go farther. You'll be able to install a new lawn and still take that vacation you've been promising yourself.

Give us a call for details or to get started on your next project so it's ready before the season schedule fills up. We'll get started right away helping you with every step of the process and keeping you informed about the progress.

Site Enhancements

Google is at it again. They've changed their algorithm once more and so we've got to change too if we want to keep up.

Their new algorithm reads pages more like humans. Those old SEO optimization tricks we all read about are a thing of the past. This means it is more about the content and less about a ranking.

I bet your asking yourself "What does that all mean?". It means we can focus on the information and work less on trying to write our site so a machine can read it! Finally we're going to be able to spend our time on the important stuff, our customers.

This long awaited update has brought some changes to our site visually and textually. We've implemented Google Plus articles and will continue to update and upgrade our site throughout the year. You will be able to find our newsletters and informative articles, ideas, and advice everywhere.

Our product descriptions for services will be more robust and give you a better understanding of what to expect when ordering services.