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Brian Ward, President of Brian Ward Landscaping Inc.

President - Brian Ward

We set out on this adventure back in 2004. Little did we know the worst hurricane to hit the Gulf Coast was going to try to destroy our homes in Pensacola. We learned a lot about business, people, neighbors, friends, and of course the dangers associated with this industry.

My father Richard and my Uncle Everett both worked for me. Philip Bean was one of my co/owner partners. They used to tell people I was scared of heights after I climbed well over 100' into a tree and began to cut it down. I could hear all their antics from that far up. They would watch me work until I couldn't go anymore and while I took a short break they went to work on the ground. The days were long and our backs were sore. We earned every dollar we made with blood and sweat, the old fashioned way.

Then it happened. Ivan struck the shores of Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi on September 16th 2004. We'd been through some pretty shaky storms and considered ourselves veterans of the Atlantic. We couldn't have been father from the truth. Nothing in our lives could have prepared us for the next few months. - Never again.

Radar reports were indicating a Cat 5 storm and we'd waited too long to get out. We battened down the hatches and settled in for a bumpy night. These things never seem to hit in the daylight. They only come at night when you can't see the carnage going on outside. We moved to my cousin's house in Molino to brave it out thinking that our biggest enemy was the water all around us on the coast. As the storm grew stronger we quickly realized we were going to be hit harder than we'd ever been before.


Somewhere in the night I stepped into the garage for a breath of air. You could hear the house crack and creak as the wind stretched every nail and challenged the bricks to stay within the mortar. The framework for the large door separating me from the outside was beginning to give way. I hurried into the house and recruited help to reinforce the door. The next 7 hours were sheer terror as we stacked everything that wasn't nailed down against the steel door. Legs locked, body hurting, we waited for the storm to pass.

Daylight brought only little relief from the storm and a visual of the detached garage now spread across the lawn like matchsticks. Tornadoes had torn through the tree lines breaking them off in large paths as far as you could see. The houses on both sides of us were gone. We were only 15 miles from the center of the hurricane. We were lucky to have gotten out with our lives.

Pensacola and the surrounding areas looked like a bomb went off. Major flooding, damaged homes and business, and debris was everywhere. We spent the rest of the year working mostly for free cleaning up our homes and that of our neighbors. The next 3 years we spent removing trees that were damaged and clearing lots that were once beautiful landscapes.

As the work went back to it's usual pace and we became acclimated to the new scenery we decide to transition into lawn and landscapes. We set out to change our business plan and model to better our community and get some of that beauty back. We've been at it every since.

Brian Ward



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